Friday, November 18, 2011

Get to know AMOA

Today we launch Focus: Safety, the Air Medical Operators Association blog. Focus: Safety will be your resource for information and insights from AMOA, our partners and industry leaders who share the AMOA safety commitment. We hope this blog will help the aviation and air medical communities get to know AMOA; our mission, our goals, and the work we do to get there. Safety is not just our main focus—it’s our only focus.
To start, AMOA is a diverse group of aviation operators working together to set the industry standard for safe air medical transportation. Our mission is to ensure the highest level of safety for transporting patients and the medical crews that care for those patients through a voluntary landmark commitment by the industry to leverage best safety practices, implement available technologies, and follow stringent procedures guiding flight decisions. We must continually challenge our members to innovate and enhance their operations- setting competitive concerns aside and setting a standard of operation far beyond that previously developed in this industry.
Members share hazard identifications and risk mitigation strategies to help ensure system safety across the fleet. We endorse safety management systems and operational control. AMOA is committed to 100 percent NVG implementation and recommend a NVIS requirement. And we continue to focus on what’s next—a standardized risk-assessment model, fatigue risk management systems, and best maintenance practices.  We meet regularly with our safety, operations, and maintenance professionals  to build a body of work focused on the safe transportation of patients and the medical crews that serve them.  We learn from each member operation- large and small- and find new and improved ways to ensure safety.
If you share our focus on safety, check back for further discussion. We will update Focus: Safety with timely and relevant conversations about safe air medical transportation. You can also follow us on Twitter at @UnitedinSafety.
Only together can we remain....  United in Safety—Christopher Eastlee